We believe that frequent, two-way communication is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with you.

W + B      Approach

How we work.

We know how important it is to keep you well informed about your investments and market activity and to be here when you have questions or concerns.

Not only do we ask that you update us regularly about changes in your financial situation, we also encourage your input.

How we communicate with you and how often is up to you. For quick conversations or questions you can reach us by telephone or email. More involved conversations may be better in person, and we are happy to meet with you wherever it is convenient – your home, office or other location that you prefer.


We keep track of your portfolio and make sure you know what's going on at all times.

Linking to your accounts.

As a registered investment advisory firm, Wilson & Boucher does not take possession of your assets. We link to each account through a Limited Power of Attorney, which allows us to trade in your account.

If you need to open new accounts, transfer accounts from one custodian to another, or consolidate accounts, we manage that process for you.

   Linking to your accounts

Monitoring and managing your assets

Monitoring and rebalancing the assets in your portfolio is one of the most important services we provide. We consistently review your portfolio to ensure the proper selection of stocks, bonds and cash is maintained to meet the goals and objectives we established at the beginning of our relationship.

In addition, we ensure that your dividends, interest payments and other transactions have been properly accounted for. This practice, also known as “reconciliation,” means that your portfolio reporting is always up-to-date and accurate. We can also review the holdings in your employer retirement accounts [401(k), 403(b) or even 457 plans] as well as any employee stock-option or stock-purchase plans to ensure that the investments you have selected fit with your overall investing objectives. Advising clients on 529 plans and Donor Advised Accounts is also a service we frequently provide.

Each quarter, we will send you a consolidated quarterly report, featuring a detailed review of your account.